The truth about photos and blogging!

In reading wedding websites and blogs of wedding and event professionals across the country I see the same mistakes over and over again.

The first, is that busy professionals rely heavily on pretty pictures! Great pictures of your work whether you are a wedding planner, floral designer, photographer or make wedding cakes are just that; pretty pictures.

Yes, they showcase your work… when they are used correctly.

But, search engines DO NOT READ IMAGES… there, I said it!

If the search engine can’t read it, it can’t index your content or site and it can’t read embedded text on a photo either.

So how do you use images and have search engines find your blog?

Start by renaming your images, use key words including your business name, the PHOTOGRAPHER’S name (always give credit where credit is due), a location, region and what the photo is about.

Clients aren’t searching XYZphotography002.jpg so don’t expect that they will find you, search engines won’t either.

Try something like:     Suzie’s Planning – Aruba wedding planner – beach wedding ceremony

Additionally, when you upload your content to your blog portal you’ll typically see a fill in labeled ‘ALT TAGS’. This is a space for you to use the key words you used to rename your photo but to also go more in-depth.  Adding in terms like destination wedding planner, sunset wedding ceremony, tropical wedding, etc.

Blogging - ALT TAGS - SEO - Wedding Ghost - Wedding Blog - Mark Kingsdorf - Search Engine Optimization
Alt Tags give your images search terms for search engines to catalogue

Anything you think your typical clients are searching should be used and Key Words are typically more than one word they are often the series of words and search terms someone is using.

More on Search Terms, Key Words and Key Phrases to help your website and wedding blog Search Engine Optimization in upcoming blogs.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed give me a call to chat about how Wedding Ghost can help you with your wedding blog content, enhancing your SEO or refreshing content on your website to make it more search engine friendly.




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