Authentic Connections with Clients

As small business owners, especially in the wedding industry, we work hard to identify our ideal client. Someone you really click with, where you really ‘get them’ and they understand your process as well.

As someone who now creates content for wedding pros, I can never stress enough how important it is to share your authentic self on your website and collateral marketing. Clients are hopefully attracted to someone who embodies similar social values and causes or has common interests.

In my case, I always thought it was my love of food, travel, our fur babies, and my support of breast cancer awareness in memory of my mother. I always connected with clients and their families on those topics and my willingness to be open and unashamed of being gay.

This last has taught me so much more. 

I have been away from wedding planning, couples, and their families for over nine years. I continue to follow and keep connected with many of the couples and families I worked with over the years. 

This year I have watched as so many of our former clients now take a stand against hate, discrimination, social injustice, and the destruction of our environment. Many now have small children and are having conversations about bigotry, hatred, the environment, and the importance of voting.

I’ve always loved the couples who chose to trust me with the biggest day of their lives. This year has taught me so much more about the connections we really established.

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