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Mark, Mark, I’m Mark! {yes, I’m a bit of a RENT-head!}

Mark Kingsdorf - Master Wedding Planner - Wedding Expert - blogger- bog - ghost blogger

I’m Mark Kingsdorf, Master Wedding Planner, and the owner, and blogger {as well as chief cook, and bottle washer}… I run the whole show here at Wedding Ghost.

My hospitality career began at the age of 15 and took me to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York and then on to a career as a sous chef with Hyatt Hotels, Executive Chef of three museums of the Smithsonian Institute and then as Chef of a suburban restaurant where I later launched an off-premise catering division and became a partner.

My culinary career was the precursor to launching The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants, one of Philadelphia’s premier wedding planning companies for over a decade. My experience in wedding planning included interning with an upscale bridal salon and a special events floral design company.

This well-rounded experience provided me the opportunity to obtain the designation of Master Wedding Planner through the Association of Bridal Consultants and Certified Same-Sex Wedding Specialist through the Gay Wedding Institute.

Starting Wedding Ghost gave me the opportunity to write about what I love, and experience provided me with the knowledge to write about food, hospitality, and weddings.

Authentically Mark

I met my better half Chuck in 2002, and we currently live in St Petersburg Florida with our two cats, Chip and Dale.

We recently lost the love of our lives, Kali – no one will ever replace her.

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I am a pizza junky, and actually, I am a bread and cheese junky, pizza happens to be an excellent vehicle for eating both at the same time. I also love really spicy food – Thai, Indian and Mexican are cuisines we frequently make at home.

Travel is probably our biggest passion. I am in love with Amsterdam, and we have recently traveled to Central Thailand, Alaska, China, and Cuba with Kenya on our radar.

The parts of my life I am most proud of would be launching Wish Upon A Wedding Philadelphia, an organization dedicated to providing weddings to terminally ill individuals. In addition, Let Them Eat Cake, a benefit for City of Hope Cancer Center held in memory my incredible mother, Lois.

Thanks for stopping by! Call our office at 215-421-1295 to find out more about my blogging and content creation services.