Beyond Blogging

What initially began as blogging for a few friends in the wedding and events industry has grown into so much more… but all related to the same concept of content creation and improving clients’ internet visibility.

Beyond ghost blogging I also offer:


It’s possible you are blogging on a pretty regular basis but just aren’t seeing any results in your web ranking or traffic on your website.

Then an individual consultation might be for you.

I’ll review your last few blog posts and offer you a written evaluation of your content; as well as suggestions that can help improve your internet visibility and engage with readers.


When was the last time you refreshed the content on the body of your business website?

Content creation is my specialty. After a quick review of your text, I’ll freshen things up by infusing each page with new content that includes keywords and phrases to help search engines catalog your business and attract your ideal client.

A Little Bump

Something as simple as refreshing the text and images on your online web listings can give you a little bump in visibility. I’ll search your online listings and create some crisp new text. This also includes helping you select new images of your work that will catch a client’s eye, adding titles and ALT tags for Search Engine Optimization and uploading them to your online listing.

All of our beyond blogging service packages are custom designed for each client based on what your specific needs might be {and way more affordable than you might think}.

Contact me at to discuss your specific needs and to get a custom quote.