Blogging Services

Blogging serves a lot of practical purposes.

It helps to brand your business as an expert in your field by sharing your portfolio, reviews, awards, experience and personality with potential clients, 24/7.

People do business with people they know and like and blogging opens a window into you and your business.

Consistent blogging increases your internet visibility by continuously adding new content to your existing website. By infusing blog posts with search terms, clients are using to look for wedding products and services, adding titles and ALT tags to your images and adding hyperlinks where appropriate we feed the web crawlers search engines use to catalog content.

Blogging for most clients is one post per week {some bi-weekly} with a six-month or one-year agreement. And, I also have some clients who purchase a block of 10 blogs to use as they have real weddings or interesting content they want to highlight.

Blogging services include:

  • Curating images (provided to me via Dropbox or Google Docs) to tell a story about each wedding or event focusing on the services and elements you provided.
  • Beyond Real Weddings blog posts are also included to showcase your expert advice, reviews, awards, community involvement, and team profiles are just a few areas.
  • Creating unique content that is a minimum of 300 words (usually closer to 400+), wholly edited and proofed.
  • Text and images are uploaded directly to your blog portal with TAGS and links.
  • Blog posts will have a distinctive style that reflects your brand and voice – I follow all of my clients on social media to keep up with what is happening in their business.

Clients are finding that if they have previously attempted blogging on their own, my services can save them about 3 to 5 hours per week.

The blogs also provide them additional content to share it on all of their social media platforms.

Ghost blogging services are way more affordable than you might think; and, having owned my own wedding planning company, I know how crucial flexible payment plans can be when marketing on a budget.

Feel free to reach out to me at to discuss a ghost blogging package that works for your business.