Wedding Ghost

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Wedding Ghost is the passionate creation of Mark Kingsdorf, who is one of only forty-seven wedding professionals in the world who currently hold the prestigious designation of Master Wedding Planner.

Mark has spent a lifetime interpreting his clients’ visions in the creation of experiences, weddings and milestone events, that tell their stories and express their unique voices.

With an extensive background in wedding planning, event design, guest relations, and food and beverage; Mark’s experience enables him to meld this storytelling into a premier service to offer creative, SEO savvy, blogging content to entrepreneurs in the wedding and events industry.

Wedding Ghost offers discerning clients a very unique perspective in the blogosphere.

Mark offers wedding professionals, who don’t have the time or inclination to blog, an opportunity to share their brand, tell their story and their expertise with potential clients… all in their own voice, designed to connect with their target audience and enhance their internet presence.

Mark has a passion for getting to know your business, what makes you uniquely you; and then interpreting your message into clear, concise content.

It’s all about you and promoting your expertise and brand.

To find out more about Wedding Ghost and blogging service contact Mark by email at or by text/phone at 215-421-1295.